Anew Moon is Moving

I have some news to share with our Community. Since April of this year I have been carefully shopping around Mason for a space that would better suit our needs as a studio as well as our need to expand and incorporate some new services and modalities. My goal was to get the studio moved into a new location before the weather turned. Our current location creates some obstacles with parking and it is really hard to maintain heat efficiency. So it makes me sad to leave our current space as we have invested so much love into it, but we have to trust that the energy we have in that space will follow us into a new space.

Our long term goal is to continue working towards maintaining a more long term location, but right now I am looking at something that will help us get through the winter until that happens. Mr. & Mrs. Daft from the Mason Martial Arts Taekwondo Studio at 227 N Cedar Street has offered for us to share their space while we continue through the process of securing a more permanent space.

As of November 1st we will be holding classes in the front lobby. This will help to give us some time to work towards our goals without the worry of parking. There is a parking lot to the rear of the building as well as great street parking access along the side on North Street. If you have any questions please call me {Jessica Corson} at 517-978-2639. We still plan on offering all the same classes and all our prices and passes will stay the same as well. The only class times that will change are the 6pm classes on Wednesdays.

Look for Kids Yoga to come back for the month of November as well. It is my goal to hold this class on Tuesday evenings are 6pm.

Thank you for your support