New Moon in Aries 2018

This New Moon in Aries has several strong aspects. Below I am going to ask you questions. These questions are meant for your reflection. Think about where you want to go in your life. What experiences are you looking for?

New Moon in Aries - Fire, IAM, Cardinal Sign, New Beginnings

Are you in balance within the Me & We? 

This could affect you in a way where you are really evaluating how you relate to others. 

Sun, Moon, conjuct Uranus -  Aries, Fire & Air, Cardinal Sign, Ego, Emotion, Sudden Change

Are you a reflection of your true inner self? Do you think things through and wait till the time is right to act? Are you flexible to change in your life?

Under these aspects you could feel very uncertain where you stand emotionally. There could be a part of you that desires change so much... Focus on trusting that there will come resolution's when the timing is right. 

Sun square Pluto - Aries, Ego, Cardinal Fire, Capricorn, Achievement, Cardinal Earth, Transformation

Are you willing to have courage to open yourself up to transforming what you thought SHOULD be into what it is you truly desire in your life. 

If you focus this energy you can find that you break through barriers that you never thought possible. Your willpower is strong and can help push you towards consistency that will ultimately maximize your potential for evolving out of self defeating patterns.  

Moon square Pluto - Aries,  Ego, Cardinal Fire, Emotion, Capricorn, Achievement, Cardinal Earth, Transformation

How do you channel your emotions when they become heightened? Do you try and dominate others? How do you relate to the guardians that raised you as a child? Do you repeat light and shadow aspects? Are you willing to evolve those aspects within YOU? 

Venus trine Mars - Taurus, Value, Fixed Earth, Love, Capricorn, Achievement, Cardinal Earth, Action

How much do feel about the love you put out into the world? Do you feel loved enough? Is it time to up your standards or boundaries?

Great aspect for being surrounded by the right people at the right time. This supports an abundance showing up. This is the reflections of what YOU value and love. 

Venus trine Pluto Taurus, Value, Fixed Earth, Love, Capricorn, Achievement, Cardinal Earth, Transformation

Do you feel connected to those around you? 

This aspects shows us how we feel valued. It also draws in the right people to support you through big transformations in your life. 

Venus opposite Jupiter - Taurus, Value, Fixed Earth, Love, Scorpio, Desire, Fixed Water, Expansion

How do you moderate your addictions? I am referring to addiction as to anything that you spend an imbalance of time or energy that can create negative consequences. 

Mars conjuct Pluto - Capricorn, Achievement, Cardinal Earth, Action & Transformation

Are you willing to put forth the effort for change?

Mercury square Saturn - Aries,  Ego, Cardinal Fire, Communication, Capricorn, Achievement, Cardinal Earth, Structure

How do you honor tradition is your life? Is this working for you? Could you create something new that WOULD work for you?

Jupiter trine Neptune - Scorpio, Desire, Fixed Water, Expansion, Pisces, Intuition, Mutable Water, Dreams

Do you have a faith or belief base that helps you to honor integrity, nobility, and morals? Do those around you represent that which you relate to within? How do you express your innter creativity?

Happy New Moon - This is a hard one with a lot of aspects asking for us to be faithful to ourselves and brutally honest. To get in touch with our inner IAM. What we want from an Ego level. Remember that if we are truly happy within we will project happiness outward to our environment. Chiron asks us to heal from past trauma or hidden pain. The Astrology suggests embracing a new belief within yourself. This can be very uncomfortable. Embracing our Egos shadow and then accepting that there are parts of us that need to change or grow. Do we allow our Ego to get in the way of our own best good? Taking time for self reflection is not an easy process. What tends to happen is we project outwards blaming another for what isn't going right within us. This can lead to feeling helpless and/or hopeless. But if we own our shadow. Ask for help... and practice evolving ourselves. Then we truly can see change. Take time to sit within your light as well and see where you can focus on what you are doing well. We are all worth self care, we are all worth allowing for a pause, we are all allowed to change our minds, we are allowed to grow.... YOU are in control of whether you allow it to happen or not. Focus on seeing the value of what you do like and what you do not. Create a plan that is obtainable for you individually. Be gentle with yourself but also encourage yourself to grow to unforeseen levels.