Weekly Astrology 4/16/2018


Monday the Moon is in Taurus which will help us to feel more grounded. This also helps to take all those New Moon intentions and plant them into something tangible. There is a tendency for harsh words as Venus and Mercury are not seeing eye to eye. You could find that you become excessively passionate. Remember balance is important. 

Tuesday - Saturn our planet of restriction and boundaries is going retrograde in Capricorn. This is a sense of a Grandfather energy.. One that holds you extremely accountable. When Saturn is retrograde there can be an excessive dose of Karma that comes around. This will be very potent in Capricorn which is also a very accountable sign. This is a time to focus doing it better. Toughen up and engage the will to achieve and not let obstacle overwhelm you. Listen to others and be willing to hear feedback that might not feel good. Acknowledge the shift needed and apply it. {Book a Saturn Retrograde reading with Jess to see what this means for you}

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Wednesday - Moon in Gemini has us curious and social. Great day to brainstorm ideas. 

Thursday - The Sun moves into Taurus. Taurus is a grounded and stable energy. Taurus on a bad day can become jealous and excessive. Make mindful choices. Taurus is discerning because it wants the best. We will all become busy little bees preparing to act on all the inspiration that has come in over the past 28 days.  VALUE YOURSELF more over the next 28 days!! 

Friday - Moon in Cancer can have us feeling a little extra sensitive today and possibly defensive. Be mindful of your emotions. Its a good day to stay home and relax.  


Saturday - Great day for imagination and dreams. How can you boost your personal value. Look to something that you can transform

Sunday - Pluto will retrograde on this day. We will start to go through a deep transformation from a subconscious level. Pluto draws in experiences so we can evolve out of self defeating patterns. Make a to do list and find a focus. {Book a Pluto Retrograde reading with Jess to see what this means for you}

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