April 9th Weekly Astrology

Hard Work of the HEART brings in benefits

This weeks astrological theme is I wanna GO..... Wait.... Not so FAST... Mercury is getting ready to station to go forward. Any time a planet stations to go forward there is a pause that happens. Its like taking a U-turn in a car and you can feel that force as you swing around... Plus there is this hesitation or awkward time that it takes to get back up to speed. The theme of this energy is surrounding : how YOU communicate -> YOUR higher thinking, YOUR independence, YOUR ego, How YOU ACT or REACT through communication. 

Monday - Be creative, opportunities to collaborate with others. 

Tuesday - Choices can present themselves. New relationship may come in. Male and female energies play well together. These relationships can be gifts... or lessons... but none the less the Nodes of Fate are planting them in your path for your higher good. Situations could come up that triggers you to grow. Avoid harsh words...

Wednesday - Inner fears may present themselves. This is to help you overcome the fear... There could be someone who wants to pick a fight.... focus on mature and respectful communication style. Your only in control of how YOU communicate to others. 

Thursday - A good day to choose LOVE. This is a good day to reflect on being soft and a little more refined with your actions... This will lead to huge benefits. If you chose to engage in conflict most likely it will get blown out of proportion and karmically not turn out well for the person who is being aggressive. 

Friday - Focus on being Calm and Consistent. Great day for being productive. 

Saturday - New Moon in Aries {Ego vs Relationship, Me vs We} Astrological New Year kick off. Great time to start a vision board for what you want to achieve in 2018. Some questions to ask yourself are... How am I independent? How do I want to take action?Is MY ego in check? Do I act in mature ways? How do I respond or react to conflict?

Sunday - Mercury Goes Direct and will start to pick up speed till May 5th. Be patient with communication till then.