Weekly Astrology - February 11 2019

This week is all about the end of one phase or situation. We are taking on a spiritual transformation of one kind or another. It is time to move on. You could be feeling a false sense of entrapment. This can stem from being focused too much on material objects. It is a time of co-creation and divine partnership. The Nodes of Fate and Uranus are creating sudden insight as to open your eyes to what is right in front of you. Huge opportunities present themselves.

There is a new love heading your way. This could be within a hobby, a person, or a career opportunity. Something is shifting into a new space. It is time to open your heart and to embrace the opportunities that presents itself. You can trust that it will be pure, honest, and solid. You are about to experience a new level of love. The new partnership will offer all the thrills but with a solid foundation to back it up. This situation can bring a feeling of mutual honor and respect.

It may be a time of reflection, Looking back on all the hard work you have put in. The feeling of lack might be there. Felling like you should be farther along than you are .Could it be that your rewards are there… Just waiting for you to recognize them?

By focusing your mind the answers will become clear. Focus on cooperation and compromise. It is a good time to practice moderation and a little temperance.

Passions and Agitation can run high this week . There is a large amount of combative energy hanging out in Aries. This is encouraging us to break free of bad habits or shadow aspects of ourselves that present limitations.

Mercury in Pisces means we communicate intuitively…. think about dancing… Think about how you feel when you hear THAT song…

I feel it… & I cant explain it…

On Monday the Moon is in Taurus presenting a grounded approach to emotional issues. There is an instinctive awareness in the air. The energy has us yearning for affection, love, and romance. We can feel fired up and ready to go on an adventure. Notice which relationships are activating your heart. There can be swift and sudden information that comes in that shift the partnership into a new level. This is stimulated by the North Node and connects us with fated karmic relationships. This energy carried through the week,

Tuesday is an action packed day. Understand that there could be tension in the air. People could be feeling triggered from their own emotional patterns. There is the potential for someone to share their truth. These could be centered around deep feelings that have been being held under the surface. You could feel very serious about matters that deal with value and money. Wait for it because their is light coming into help you see options. This light is centered around redirecting your energy into a new direction. Be ready to go. Yet allow for patience as the process takes time to unfold.

New 2 Year Cycle Expect sudden changes….

The Moon moves into Gemini on Wednesday. It would be wise to practice mindfulness within communication, This is an edgy week and everyone will feel pushed to their max. Stuff/Emotions can bubble up to the surface. Also today is a day where the feminine energy can be a bit hostile and their words can be cutting. Mars is in a very low energy so you could feel a little extra tired. So maybe get good sleep the night before. On a positive note there is a strong commitment energy when it comes to partnering up within relationships. So if their is a project you have been wanting to move forward with. Now is the time it can take a more serious turn.

Mars in Taurus means routine, being kind, and patient. Action towards what is of value!

Happy Valentines Day!!! This Thursday there could be a temptation of sorts. Best to remain discerning within making choices. Don not limit yourself but proceed slowly thinking about all angles. The Sun has an aspect with the North Node. This stems up relationship energy again. This is again all about divine meetings to discuss the idea of collaboration of Relationship and Money. It is a good time to re-access your direction in life. You could feel pretty fired up so again practice temperance.

By Friday there is good new coming in. This could be something about an adjustment within career. Notice that there could be some obstacles that present themselves. But this will be ok as there is light being shown on how to redirect your energy and direction. Watch for the tendency to want to escape. Our minds can slip into a dreamy romantic fantasy. Notice what can be real.. Notice what your heart is trying to communicate to you.

How do you want to Partner and Collaborate

Saturday and Sunday can carry some irritable feelings that can lead to over reaction. There will be moments that you might have to pause due to feisty energy. There are huge openings in relationships. Doors are wide open. You just have to be willing to step through it. There is also the potential for situations to change swiftly and abruptly. Moon is in Cancer so we will really be looking to be nurtured. Notice how the dream IS coming true.

Chiron in Aries is a HUGE shift. Mercury in Pisces is an EMOTIONAL shift. Mars in Taurus is grounding us.

This week is unfortunately an angst filled week up in the heavens. There are so many feelings that are just ready to burst forward. Some are passion filled and positive. But some are emotional and triggering. There is a lot of energy supporting Divine and Fated conversations, partnerships, and redirection of life path. This is a huge week for the Nodes of Fate as well as some major planets shifting signs. Chiron and Uranus are slow moving planets. So when they shift an energy we notice. It feels different. If you can apologize for something you know you had apart of I would definitely do that. People are wanting to tie up lingering stories surround past woulds. Its a time to be sympathetic while standing your ground. Its a week to be open and curious about new and exciting opportunities. Its a week to focus on the Hope that has walked into your life.