Weekend Astrology

As far as the Moon goes.... Last week we had the Moon in Scorpio & Sagittarius. This gave off the feeling of being passionate, psychic, and possibly a little bit paranoid. There may have been some information that came in. This information could have felt like you were blindsided in a way. What did you hear? This information could leave you feeling a bit lost and maybe even frustrated. What do you want to do about it? On Friday the Moon moved into Capricorn. The Moons aspects may feel a bit harsh as you might feel unhappy about something. This energy is helping us to further release old emotions. You might expect some breakups or endings depending on where this takes place in your chart. 

Mercury our planet of communication was working hard last week to get us to open up and talk about what's bothering us. We could have ghosts from our past start to pop up initiating healing. These ghosts could echo back to December 2013

As Mars has passed Saturn you will feel the energy lighten up or at least it wont feel as restricted. Where there were once blocks, now you can move forward. The tendency could be to want to race forward. But remember Mercury is still in retrograde until April 17th. As Mercury stations to go forward, Chiron our Wounded Healer changes signs from Pisces to Aries. Expect to feel an urgency to push through area's where you once felt emotionally triggered {most likely childhood conditioning stuff}. 

Make choices based on the higher good of the situation. Its time to focus on building a strong strategy. This may call for you to take some form of action as in not being stuck on one idea or thought. Move stuff around. See your patterns. You'll notice that maybe the North Node has been creating divine connections. Take a look around and see who you might be able to partner up with to achieve a common goal. Simplify life and home. Be more thorough, methodical, and grateful. 

Whats your vision? Ask yourself what is it that you truly want out of this life? Release frustrations and get ready to go. Take the path that leads to the home run. If something means enough to you, it is worth the sacrifice. Take the higher road that asks you to grow. 

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