Meet Life Coach Jessica Corson 

Jessica's passion is for connecting with people and helping them transform their lives. With her Coaching, and Astrology she aims to empower and support people in fulfilling their life’s potential and aligning with Soul Purpose. 

Jessica is a Certified Life & Mindfulness Coach. She specializes in Astrology, Goal Setting, Personal Development, Intuitive Coaching, Mindfulness Coaching, Meditation Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Fitness Coaching, General Nutrition Guidance, Weight-loss Management. 


Meet Intuitive Guide Dawn McVay Baumer

I have been seeing aura’s since I was 10 (maybe before that, but this is when I paid the most attention). I was a karate student and learned the art of meditation that helped me to learn about myself at a young age. 

While having a reading from a Medium, she said, you can see the colors, why don’t you do something about it. I told her what I had always wanted to do and she said, do it, and do it here. So, I did. I began being a guest artist at various studios.  After 38 years of hiding what my eyes could see and my spirit could feel, I decided to begin to share my gift and not hold back any longer, and I finally felt free.

I hope that given the opportunity to share what I can see that I can help those around me find the special gifts within themselves, and if possible, share the guidance of a loved one that has crossed over that may be with them.

*We offer cost effective coaching plans that are tailored to your specific needs. In the first meeting we establish your needs and we build a plan based off that. Sessions are typically anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Initially we meet in person to establish your needs.

General Coaching -  $45.00, includes a 1 hour meeting. If clients chooses to be on a Monthly plan we can build a Monthly rate that includes weekly/biweekly/monthly meetings according to your needs, as well as unlimited e-mail and text support.

Intuitive & Astrological Coaching- $60.00, One hour session. 


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