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You can book your appointment on-line through the Book Massage Option above, you can call Anew Moon at 517-978-2639, or contact your Massage Therapist directly. Contact info below in their description. Check with your provider for *New Client or *Client frequency Deals or Promotions as these deals are unique to the service provider. 


Meet April

Contact April directly : 303-726-9967 Relax and rejuvinate with the healing hands of a liscenced massage therapist. Modalities include; swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, sports/medical, myofascial, lymph drain, reflexology, cranial sacral therapy, prenatal, thai, and energy work.


Types of Massage at Anew Moon

Massage therapy Involves hands-on techniques to increase circulation, relieve tension, stress, and anxiety, improve sleep, and promote overall full body homeostasis. Working with the body’s musculoskeletal system including muscle, tendon, connective tissue, and bone (range of motion) can be part of an overall wellness plan.   Massage therapy might be worth exploring if you: have tense or strained musculature, have been involved in a car accident or other violent experience, or have extensive connective tissue or nerve damage. Physical benefits of massage include; Increased flexibility, circulation, immune functioning, and rate of repair as well as cellulite reduction!   Mental/emotional benefits of massage include; Improved body image, memory,  and productivity. 

Cupping therapy creates a suction and with negative pressure can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate the nervous system (which makes it an excellent treatment for high blood pressure). Cupping is used to relieve back and neck pains, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, rheumatism, and even cellulite.

Reflexology works with the energy lines that run through the body in channels known as meridians. Working the reflux points of the feet stimulates these energy channels, promoting healing and relaxation. Every part of the foot corresponds to an organ, gland, or part of the body. Working these reflux point in the feet stimulates the corresponding organ, gland or part of the body so that receiving a reflexology session is regarded as the equivalent of a full body massage. The goal of working the entire foot is the stimulate full body homeostasis or balance. 

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, non-invasive, hands-on healing modality that focuses on the wave-like rhythmic pulse of our cerebral spinal fluid (CSF).  The CSF is responsible to bathe and nourish the nerves (housed in the spine) and the brain. This therapy stems from osteopathy, which is an approach that emphasizes the role of working with the musculoskeletal system in health and disease. 

Thai Bodywork gives the benefits of massage, yoga, and energy work in one nurturing session. This bodywork is performed on a padded mat on the floor. No disrobing necessary.  Practitioner's may use hands, knuckles, elbows or feet.  The practitioner employs a series of movements to stretch the client’s entire body and employs point pressure intended to open the body’s energy channels or sen. Considered both a therapeutic and meditative treatment, Thai bodywork not only improves flexibility, circulation and range of motion but also centers the body and mind.